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Acid etching is the process of applying an acid solution to a concrete surface, allowing the acid to react with and 'etch' the concrete.

Acid Etching of concrete is an acceptable, but less popular than SHOT BLASTING  for commercial concrete surface preparation . However, because shot blasting requires special equipment and trained professionals (generally specialty contractors) acid etching is perhaps the easiest way of surface preparation for the do it yourselfer. For such people, as well as professional flooring contractors (if the engineer in charge allows acid etching) the following guidelines are suggested (but not in any way endorsed, recommended or approved - follow at your own risk and responsibility!).

NOTE: Acid etching will not remove sealers or concrete surfaces. They must be removed mechanically by grinding,  shotblasting, sandblasting, or scarifying, etc. Sealers that soak into the concrete might not be removable at all.